Here's how my personal story led to the founding of Celebrate! Work from Home!

Image of Teri Olivier, Founder, Celebrate! Work from Home

In 2005 my husband had a great job opportunity that led to a cross country move that started my remote journey!

At the time, I was working in marketing for Humana in San Antonio, Texas.

Thanks to innovative leaders who saw the value in creating a remote job opportunity for me, I was able to continue my tenure with Humana in a remote position.

I loved the work and the team, and, of course, the opportunity to work from home!

Unfortunately, there were some down sides…moments of uncertainty, feelings of isolation, and concerns about not being viewed as a valued team member in the same light as my in-office peers.

I began to wonder what other remote professionals were doing to stay engaged and develop in their remote roles.

Through research on remote work trends  from SHRM, and The Gallup 2017 State of the American Workplace, along with conversations with fellow remote peers, I began to identify some gaps.

Ultimately in 2018, it led me to launch Celebrate! Work from Home, a Membership Community that:
  • Connects remote professionals with others also working remotely
  • Empowers Members for greater remote success with expert chats, sharing ideas and tips and more!
  • Adds a bit of FUN! 
    (Replacing some of those missing watercooler and breakroom moments!)

Excitement is building as Celebrate! Work from Home expands to welcome and serve Innovative Employers and their remote teams!

As an Innovator, you know the value your remote team contributes to your organization.

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As an Employee who works remotely for your organization or if you’re an entrepreneur working from home, Celebrate! Work from Home may be just what you're looking for, to help you thrive, grow,flourish!

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If you'd like to connect to learn more, email me here: [email protected].

Cheers to you and your remote success!

While Celebrate! Work from Members are like a family to me, I wanted to share a pic of our Olivier family, too! It's from a few years ago - last time we were all together! (But we have been fortunate enough to see each other in smaller groups & on Zoom thankfully!)
Olivier Famiy picture at the Balitmore Aquarium in 2019.
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