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Becoming a Digital Nomad with a Pet: Your Ultimate Guide

The dream of traversing the globe while maintaining a career has become a reality for many, thanks to the digital nomad lifestyle. Yet, for pet owners, there are added layers of complexity that require meticulous planning. This guide, presented by Celebrate! Work from Home, is aimed at providing actionable steps for you and your animal companion to have a more fulfilling nomadic experience. From income streams to veterinary care, we cover important tips you’ll want to know.

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Image of article WAH Tips fro New Veteran Entrepreneurs

WAH Tips for New Veteran Entrepreneurs

In honor of Flag Day, and all who served, am excited to share this article with ideas, encouragement, and links to resources for new Veteran entrepreneurs working from home

Submitted by guest contributor, Kelli Brewer from DeployCare.org, the article offers ideas to consider in the start-up phase, along with helpful links!

While written for Veteran entrepreneurs, many of the tips are applicable to any entrepreneur starting out!

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I'm an extrovert who realized working remotely was bad for my mental health. These 4 things help me combat loneliness.

I was intrigued by the solutions this remote professional has created for herself to help achieve a productive balance.

Her comment, "I'm not alone in feeling alone" resonated with me, and took me back to one of the reasons Celebrate! Work from Home was founded. 

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Happy Workers are 13% more productive

An extensive study published by the University of Oxford in 2019 showed  workers were 13% more productive when happy.

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The Hidden Benefits of Fun at Work

Three key benefits from fun at work are shared in this BetterUp.com blog post by Kyle Sandell. Check it out to discover tips on how to include workplace fun to benefit your organization.

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Image from HBR article Is Remote Work Actually Better for the Environment

Is Remote Work Actually Better for the Environment?

This HBR article made me take a closer look at new ways to help the environment through remote work.

It sheds light on ways organizations can support remote staff and make an even greater positive impact on our planet.

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Pic of article headline from Bloomberg on

One or Two Days in the Office Is the 'Sweet Spot' of Hybrid Work

A recently published article by Bloomberg looks at findings from a Harvard Business School paper, and insights from work by Stanford University researchers, to suggest that one or two days in the office may be ideal for those doing hybrid remote work.

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Image of Harvard Business School publication on Hybrid Work

Is Hybrid Work the Best of Both Worlds? Evidence from a Field Experiment

This article digs in to the Harvard Business research on hybrid work, providing details on recent studies.

It's exciting to see the study of remote work front and center as the workplace evolves!

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Image of NBER working paper on Why Working from Home Will Stick

Why Working from Home Will Stick

This work by the National Bureau of Economic Research shares work from home (WFH) survey data from more than 30,000 Americans, and offers five reasons why WFH will continue after the pandemic.

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Image cord of Gallup: The Future of Hydrid Work: 5 Questins Answered with Data

Gallup: The Future of Hybrid Work: 5 Questions Answered with Data

In Gallup's March, 2022 update on remote work, key hybrid work insights are explored. Is the future of the office at a turning point as suggested, given the unprecedented number of hybrid or fully remote employees?

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Image of Bankrate article on Survey of remote workers

Survey: 55 percent of workers place greater importance on flexible or remote work options

Bankrate offers key takeways from it's survey on hybrid or remote work and why flexibility is a priority.

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Image of Inc article on The Downside of Working from Home: Loneliness - When your entire world is virtual, life can become more difficult

The Downside of Working From Home: Loneliness

When your entire world is virtual, life can become more difficult.

Inc. author Suzanne Lucas shares three valuable tips on how to address the loneliness that may happen when working remote. The last tip is where Celebrate! Work from Home may help!

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Cover image from Gallup article on Remote Work with man sitting at desk with computer and keyboard

Gallup: Remote Work Persisting and Trending Permanent

This Gallup report and analysis from October, 2021, cites a new normal settling in among workers who have "grown accustomed to working from home" and sheds light on what employees may be seeking going forward.

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EBN cover image for article Why employees need human connections in their virtual workplace

Why employees need human connections in their virtual workplace

This EBN article explores research on the importance of connection at work, particularly for virtual employees, and offers ideas on how to nurture connections.

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Image of ebn article on 10 benefits and perks employees expect in a post-COVID world

10 benefits and perks employees expect in a post-COVID world

Can you guess the number one benefit researchers discovered employees want in a post-COVID World?

If you guessed remote work, you're correct! Discover more in this EBN article!

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